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Wire & Cable and Cable Accessories


The Lapp Group is one of the leading suppliers for wires, cables and cable accessories for machine and plant building, automotive industry, measurement and control technology, electrical and installation engineering, IT and many other industries.


Whatever your application requirements are, we have the right cable for you!

Oil Resistant Flexible Control & Power Cable

Lapp offers a wide range of cable ideal for machinery applications . Available in various jacket compound and insulation.

Flexible Tray Cable

We offer a complete line of UL TC-ER(Exposed Run)/CSA TC Cables for all your application needs.

Continuous Flex Control Cable

Choose from one of our super flexible, havey duty, multi-conductor cable designed for continuous flex applications.

Continuous Flex Data Cable

Lapp has a wide range of cable specifically designed for high flexing applications up to 8 million flex life cycles.

Torsional Robotic Cable

Lapp offers cable specifically engineered for application where combined twisting and bending occur.

High Temperature Flexible Control Cable

Lapp has developed cables ideal for high temperature applications and able to withstand temperature of up to 180 degree celsius.

Flexible Cable for Drives & Motors

Lapp range of shielded motor cables for VFD drive and motor connections in industrial applications with continuous flex requirements.

Field Bus and Industrial Ethernet Cable

Lapp cables are designed to support the robust demands of today's high speed industrial control environments and for use in most network protocols.

Flexible Signal & Control Cable

Lapp engineered cables able to provide the highest performance and ease of installation in industrial signal & control applications.

HAR European Hook-up Wire, Cable

Lapp's harmonized and CE conforming cables are utilized on Electronic and Electrical equipment that is intended for use in Europe.

Pendant, Reel Cable & Accessories

Lapp has developed pendant and reel cable designed specifically for use wherever cable operation requires frequent reeling and unreeling on pulleys.

UL Single Core & Hook-up Wire

Lapp's line of single core & hook-up wire is ideal for automtive applications providing excellent insulation in oils, gasoline, and chemicals.