Cable Assemblies for Siemens Automation Servo Drives FX5

Highly flexible servo motor and feedback cable assemblies designed for use in power chains, or cable track. Manufactured for optimum performance in industrial environments, these assemblies utilize a PUR-jacketed cable designed for oil and abrasion resistance. Usually found in machine tools and as machine components of transfer and production lines, the ÖLFLEX® SERVO FX5 assemblies are 100% compatible with Siemens systems. Many types and configurations are available for quick delivery.


Siemens P/N Lapp P/N Raw Cable
6FX5002-2EQ10-XXXX 235210XXX 25726
6FX5002-2CA31-XXXX 235231XXX 25726
6FX5002-2CD02-XXXX 235202XXX 25725
6FX5002-2CB31-XXXX Call 800-774-3539 for details  
6FX5002-2EQ14-XXXX 235214XXX 25726
6FX5002-2CA34-XXXX 235234XXX 25726
6FX5002-2CF04-XXXX 235204XXX 25725
6FX5002-1AD00-XXXX 235100XXX 25725
6FX5002-1AD04-XXXX 235104XXX 25725
6FX5002-2AH00-XXXX 235200XXX 25725
6FX5002-2CA11-XXXX 235211XXX 25725
6FX5002-2CG00-XXXX 235300XXX 25724
6FX5002-2CH00-XXXX 235400XXX 25724
6FX5002-2CF01-XXXX 235201XXX 25725
6FX5002-4AA21-XXXX Call 800-774-3539 for details 25725


Siemens P/N Lapp P/N Raw Cable
6FX5002-5CA01-XXXX 235501XXX 25700
6FX5002-5CA05-XXXX 235505XXX 25700
6FX5002-5CS01-XXXX 235601XXX 25700
6FX5002-5CA31-XXXX 235531XXX 25701
6FX5002-5CS11-XXXX 235511XXX 25701
6FX5002-5CA41-XXXX 235541XXX 25702
6FX5002-5CA51-XXXX 235551XXX 25703



Siemens P/N Lapp P/N Raw Cable
6FX5002-5DA01-XXXX 235601XXX 25715
6FX5002-5DA05-XXXX 235605XXX 25715
6FX5002-5DS01-XXXX 235701XXX 25715
6FX5002-5DA31-XXXX 235631XXX 25716
6FX5002-5DS11-XXXX 235611XXX 25716
6FX5002-5DA41-XXXX 235641XXX 25717
6FX5002-5DA51-XXXX 235651XXX 25718