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Below is a selection of product/application videos and interactive animations.

oelflex tray 2


View how the flexibility of the ÖLFLEX® cables is the ideal solution for tray applications.



olflex vfd

ÖLFLEX® VFD (English/Français)

Take a look inside the ÖLFLEX® VFD Flexible Cable solution for drives, motors and assemblies.

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SKINTOP® Strain Relief Cable Glands (English/Français)

Video guide on how to install SKINTOP® cable glands. It's easy as 1-2-3!


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Skintop cube final



Get introduced to the Lapp multi-cable bushing system. Easier, faster and safer.


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Skintop cube

SKINTOP® CUBE (Full Version)


Learn more about the new SKINTOP® CUBE multi-cable bushing system. It doesn't get any quicker or easier than this!

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skintop Brush installation


Big. Bigger. Biggest. Liquid tight, metallic strain relief cable gland in metric sizes to meet the European Union Standards.


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Wind energy

Lapp in Wind Industry

See our Lapp brings a breath of fresh air to the Wind Industry.


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Wind turbine

Lapp in the Wind Turbines


No matter which Lapp products you choose for your wind turbines, you can count on the highest standards in reliability and durability.


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View how EPIC® MIL-TYPE Circular Connectors can handle power and control application requirements.


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Epic Sleeve

EPIC® Pin & Sleeve Connectors


Learn about EPIC® Pin & Sleeve Connectors can handle single phase and three phase application requirements.


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History of Lapp


Discover the history of Lapp and how it all started.


Still Shot Machine Design JG Video

Issues Involving Connectors for Cabling


Jack Gayara from Lapp USA looks at the design issues engineers need to know to match cable needs to those of the connectors.


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World tour teaser

ÖLFLEX® World Tour Teaser

View the teaser video that kicked-off the Lapp World Drum Tour.


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World Tour - USA Stop

ÖLFLEX® World Tour - New York Stop

Take a pick at the New York stop of the World Drum Tour celebrating 50 years of ÖLFLEX®.

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Robotic Arm

Robotic Arm Installation & Operation


Wire & cables are critical components of robotic applications. Lapp offers a versatile and wide range of cable and cable accessories capable to perform extremely welll where torsion, flexibility and oil resistance are key.


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Robot Connectivity

Connectivity Solutions for Robotics


Lapp offers a wide and versatile selection of products to guarantee tight and secure connectivity in robotic arms applications.


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Factory Floor Industry Page

Lapp on the factory floor


You most complete and reliable resource!

Lapp offers a wide range of products for virtually any industrial applications. From machinery, control panel, power control to robotic cell and tray applications.


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