NFPA 79 Cable Requirements

NFPA 79 is the section of the National Electric Code (NEC®) that focuses on the electrical wiring standards used with industrial machinery. NFPA 79 applies to the electrical equipment used within a wide variety of machines, as well as groups of machines working together in a coordinated manner. Examples of industrial machinery include, among others: machine tools, injection molding machines, woodworking equipment, assembling machinery, material handling machinery and inspection and testing machines. The scope of NFPA 79 includes all electrical and electronic elements of the machinery operating at 600V or less.


In 2007, the NFPA 79 code underwent significant revisions. The main goal of the revision was to harmonize NFPA 79 with its European counterpart, IEC-60204. This involved reorganizing the NFPA 79 chapter structure to follow IEC-60204 while adopting less restrictive, more progressive requirements without sacrificing the equipment safety.


As of January 2007, one of the major changes in the NFPA 79 is the cable selections required under section This section states that single conductor or multi-conductor AWM shall not be permitted, unless the completed assembly has been listed prior for such use. Machine Tool Wire (MTW) is one of the wire and cable permissible options.


Historically, little attention has been given to cable selection; often it was an after thought. Today, however, with ever increasing concerns of liability issues, more time is devoted to machine components such as wire and cable to ensure performance reliability. Regardless of the product, the strength of quality is only as good as its weakest component.


With present day global supply access, it is more important than ever to meet regulatory requirements and proper cable selection for industrial machinery.



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